Yuliya Polishchuk

Yuliya Polishchuk

Yuliya Polishchuk is a London-based fashion designer, born in Ukraine. Her signature is evident in the sophisticated, elegant and incredibly detailed clothes for young, original and unique ladies. A strong educational background, gained at leading universities in London, as well as work experience in the UK fashion industry led Yuliya to launch MissU in 2012, her first label of tender fashion clothes available among the new generation of brand trendsetters, now No. 1 choice for new feminine couture. ‘Very often women are hiding the real 'I' and are afraid to let the world know about it. I'm trying to create things with a real identity and elegance', the designer explained during an interview. ??

Following this slogan, in March 2013 Yuliya Polishchuk has presented a new fashion line of exquisite evening dresses under her own name, which has been recognized by the audience and fashion critics in Ukraine. A woman from Yuliya Polishchuk is sophisticated and elegant; her gentle heart can be seen only by true connoisseurs of beauty. Since March 2012, Yuliya is a resident of the Ukrainian Fashion Week in Kiev. At the moment, Yuliya's creative portfolio includes two different by its concept fashion labels. The MissU trademark has been developed specifically for young women: they are mischievous and thoughtful, careless and serious but at the same time both feminine and romantic. Whereas, Yuliya Polishchuk brand is dedicated to confident and successful women whose unique and charming style are enhanced by elegant and exclusive evening dresses.

Having a childhood passion for the history and fashion world, Yuliya Polishchuk actively supports education and student programs in the fashion industry, and regularly delivers lectures at universities in London and Kiev. Recently, the designer initiated Fashion Move On, a unique art project that run in partnership with the Ukrainian Fashion Week. The project was created to support and develop collaborations between designers, filmmakers and contemporary artists. The collaboration occured in the form of short films that were officially presented to the press and public during the Ukrainian Fashion Week.