Yana Belyaeva

Yana Belyaeva

Designer of the brand Yana Belyaeva is a graduate of the National Kyiv University of Technology and design. Yana originates from Nikolayev, where she started her work after the University creating and showing her collections at local level.

Brand 'Yana Belyaeva' born by a red-hair girl reflects a quiet harbor at the soul of every woman who is tired of intensive routine and who values her time, comfort, but wants to call out desire, astonishment and wish to look like her.

It is a fresh and positively unique approach to routine things, which bridges together originality, comfort and multi-functionality in all its reflections. YanaBelyaeva clothes are minimalistic by their form. Impeccability has no extent, time, age and status are of no importance, a woman must always be a woman, confident in herself, self-sufficient, with a firmly stated life position, but at the same time gentle and delicate, ready to love and to be loved, to create, to learn and to refill herself with new emotions.

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Bolshaya Vasylkivska, 21, office 401

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Ridni store
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