Designer Fedor Vozianov was born in Kyiv. He obtained university degree in linguistics. Fashion design has been his passion since he was a young boy. He started as a professional designer in 1998.

Inspired by pure geometrical shapes and lines, we are absolutely committed to innovation. Designer experiments with technology and pattern seeking to uncover ultimate simplicity and unique fashion. His styles, however avant-garde, remain wearable in the street and conservative to certain extent.

Some of his creations go beyond the conventional confines of the fashion design and evolve into the 'thing' serving a dual purpose: an article of clothing or accessory easily transforms into an object of art or visual design.

Clothes of Fedor Vozianov brand are designed for a genuine and fragile, yet brave and independent woman living with passion every aspect of a modern life.

Fedor Vozianov collections are finished with accessories and footwear.

In addition to ready-to-wear season collections, Fedor Vozianov also creates cruise collections and capsule collections for, and inspired by, special events in art, fashion, or life.

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