Tetyana Zemskova and Olena Vorozhbyt are among the leading designers of Ukraine. The style of their tandem is faultlessly recognizable at Ukrainian Fashion field.

It is built on contrasts: intellectuality and severity with a keen sense of humor. There is a preciseness of the silhouettes and patterns, with love to details and little parts. Classic textiles with newfangled fashions. They work with contrasts of colors and tones, heat and chillness, risk and official styles, trying to combine uncombined.

Since 1997 designers are working under their own brand «V&Z». By this time they began to show two every year season collections within Ukrainian Fashion Week.

They are not just participants of the most sounding fashion festivals in Europe, but also act as judges of national competitions.

Their clients are the elite of Ukrainian society. Many politics, businessmen, artists are dressed gorgeously by them. 'High spirit creation' – is the basis of their art concept.

Let it be show fluffy winter. There is snazzy tone play, from white to milk color. Factures are the most different and in couple make an emphasis of each other to open wealthy and variance of textiles. Dark details shade freshness and attractiveness of the white. Line gentleness and patterns, only this is need in winter!

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Julia Smidovich Monakova