Fashion House 'Voronin' is the leading enterprise in sewing of high quality men's garments, 'Voronin' factory is one of the leading brands of sewing industry in the world. The trading network comprises of over 80 company stores in various countries, including Ukraine, the USA, Europe, Russia, and the CIS.

The brand founder was Michael Voronin (1938-2012), the most titled and famous Ukrainian designer who was rightfully called the Master of the men's suit and the Legend of fashion. He obtained the world recognition thanks to invention of the unique vest model method of suit tailoring without fitting!

The worth successor of the whole life business of Michael Voronin and owner of international brand 'Voronin' is his daughter Larisa Voronin (she graduated from Kiev Institute of Technology and Design and obtained the degree of design engineer, technologist of sewing production). Shi is at the head of Fashion House 'Voronin' and is its ideological and creative inspirer, new collections have been developing and the traditions of true classics have been preserving under her leadership.

Dignity, respectability and restrained elegancy of Voronin's suits are attractive for successful and confident business people with high reputation. There is a combination of classic traditions, high quality, fashionable trends and dynamics of modern life style in Michael Voronin's suits.

Fashion House 'Voronin' has a lot of international prestige prizes such as World Prize 'Prestige', Certificates of recognition by Italy and the USA, 'Golden Thimble' (Paris), 'The Best Trademark' (Rome), 'The Golden Arch of Europe' (Madrid) and a great number of Ukrainian prizes. Michael Voronin was the only designer who was a record-holder in the Guinness Book of Records for sewing of the biggest tuxedo in the world.

The philosophy of 'Voronin' brand is the philosophy of life, a sign of belonging to the high society. More than 50% of Ukrainian men prefer the Voronin's suits. There are the following clients as presidents, politicians, businessmen, stars of sport and show-business.

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