UBERlovе brand was founded in 2013 on the basis of a conceptual laboratory UBERfashionLab for a young designer Victoria Nozhenko.

The formula of UBERlove brand is the result of the mutual juxtaposition of the opposite elements, which creates the look of a free and strong personality. UBERlove clothes, as a display of rebellion against the vulgar and the clichés of the mass culture, accentuates the individuality and frees from social and cultural stereotypes holding the person in the up-to-date society. The brand's concept is directed to the future via the combination of the ecological and the technological. This is expressed in natural and artificial materials through the balance and harmonization of the color, form and textures.

The brand's collections include a line of menswear and a line of womenswear: casual, evening looks and accessories. Each component of the clothes has its symbol and mission. Among the key accents of the silhouettes there are shoulder line and its form, the lengths and their combination, symmetry and asymmetry accentuated.

The collaboration of Victoria Nozhenko and designers Olena Romanova and Yuriy Romanov has resulted in a line of accessories, which has harmoniously complimented SS 2015 '14 drops acid' collection presented at Ukrainian Fashion Week within New generation, New names project.

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