The Ukrainian brand T.Mosca is born to become unique. Its high quality knitted apparel makes brand special and identical. The 80 per cent of collection is knitwear: sweaters, cardigans, coats and pyjamas. All of the clothes by T. Mosca are decorated with a handmade fly or a dragonfly - symbols of brand. Even in its name you can understand the conception of brand - Т means top, а mosca in translation from Italian means a fly. An insect is T. Mosca's talisman. Brand's signature thing is open back sweater. It is so popular that to get it you should join a waiting list.

T.Mosca was founded in 2014, when the first collection by Kateryna Kvit and Oksana Holubchenko, brand's founders, was presented at the opening party of Mercedes-Benz Kiev Fashion Days. Soon the brand was recognized by fashion magazines, such as L'Officiel Ukraine.

T.Mosca is a constant participant of Ukrainian Fashion Week and a favourite brand of most Ukrainian trendsetters. Its philosophy is considering a nature as everlasting source of inspiration. 'We use only natural silk, merino wool and cotton. All fabrics are high quality. Once you start wearing sweaters by T. Mosca, you won't wear any others', told Kvit and Holubchenko. 'T.Mosca is our dream comes true'.

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