sneshana nekh

Sneshana Nekh

The brand sneshana nekh was founded in 2002 and produces only handmade stuff. During her studying footwear design in Kyiv Institute of Light Industry (1996-2001)Snizhana created her first collection of shoes. Being a fourth-year student, Snizhana created her second collection for Ukrainian designer Liliya Poustovit that actually initiated the formation of an idea to create a design studio of shoes and accessories.

In general, the design studio makes individual tailoring of footwear and accessories (belts bags, etc.) for public people (concert shoes, shoes for music videos), and for usual customers (casual shoes), as well as production of own seasonal collections and special shoes collection for fashion designers.

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Pushkinska str., 11

Kyiv, Ukraine


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Vozdvyzhenska str., 9/19

Kyiv, Ukraine


Concept Store Corner

Katerynynska str., 30

Odessa, Ukraine


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