SIYA brand is founded by Anastasiya Didenko, a young designer-esthete who propagates the idea of Fashion as Art, as well as promotes philosophical attitude to the appearance.
Anastasiya Didenko emerged in the world of fashion in 2013 as a stylist and illustrator. In 2014 she founded SIYA brand of clothes accessories. The winner of Most Fashion Awards. In 2015 SIYA debuted at Ukrainian Fashion Week, presenting a collection dedicated to the art of performance – 'Perform 0'.

SIYA is clothes and accessories for people who anticipate fashion. The uncovered sexuality and mysticism as a work of art. Dry functionality gives the floor to creativity.

Fashion as a concept.

The brand presents an item for the fantasy, a chance to feel oneself 'above the fashion' but devoted to his or her own individual style. Develops the radical fashion as a direction, uses up-to-date technologies and pays the tribute to Ukrainian traditions.

SIYA actively collaborates with representatives of showbiz, celebrities, appears on the pages of glossy editions and in European editions.

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Clothes by SIYA can be bought in the following stores:
The One (Kyiv, Ukraine)
Pant # One (Kyiv, Ukraine)
Crocus (Dnipropetrovsk, Ukraine)