бренд rybalko створює художник і дизайнер марина рибалко з 2013 року. дизайнер цього українського бренду використовує принти, аплікацію, вишивку, бісер, паєтки, мереживо.

RYBALKO brand was launched in 2013 by artist and designer Maryna Rybalko. The designer of this Ukrainian brand uses prints, application, beads, sequins and lace. RYBALKO brand offers clothes offers of bright of colors and unusual color combinations. The collections of the brand are based on prints drawn by the designer. They harmoniously combine with the diversity of tissues and accessories. The key combination typical for RYBALKO brand is comfort and chic. Each model is exquisite, exclusive, thoroughly selected tissues create amazing looks.

The brand's distinguishing feature is the creation of unusual textures imitating feather and fish scale with the help of fabrics. The silhouettes of the collections correspond to all three global tendencies, whereas color solutions astonish. Each dress of the brand is unique and it can be easily distinguished from the rest of the brands.

RYBALKO is fashion for those city dwellers who have active way of life and combine work and nightlife.

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