ROUSSIN by Sofia Rousinovich

ROUSSIN by Sofia Rousinovich

Sofia Rousinovich is a designer, a moral leader and one of the ROUSSIN and its first line ROUSSIN by Sofia Rousinovich creators.

Everything they create has its own sense and has its unique history. Fashion is not only an art but a science. Any innovations ROUSSIN tries to re-create in clothes to get interesting and extraordinary result. Such experiments help Sofia to create exclusive clothes.

ROUSSIN is a Family Business. Brands director is Sofia's sister Serafima, and the main constructor is their mother Olha.

After taking part in young designers contest Kyiv Fashion in August, 2014 with their first collection 'Simple lines', there they gained first place in New-Profi nomination, they started their work. | Facebook | Instagram



U Dress multibrand concept store

Gulliver Shopping mall

Globus Shopping mall

Kyiv, Ukraine


Names'Ua Modateka

Prospect Shopping mall

Kyiv, Ukraine


Gallery 48

48, Antonovicha str.

Kyiv, Ukraine


Кокон Space

31, Hrets'ka str.

Odesa, Ukraine