MUSI by Musichenko

MUSI by Musichenko

MUSI by Musichenkois a lifestyle brand by Nataliya Musichenko. During the last ten years it annually produces 2-3 collections of womenswear. Since 2014 the brand has taken part in competitions and fashion shows of the national level. Simplicity, minimalism and functionality are the main features of the style, reached by tailor-made proportions, graphics and purity of lines.

Nataliya Musichenko is an architect, graphic artist, designer. In her collections she reflects the ideas of architectural functionalism, esthetic minimalism. Every line plays its own special role, highlighting soft intellectual sexuality – ALWAYS.

Nataliya Musichenko: «Above all are the people, who we get dressed. Who came to us once, as a rule, stays forever, valuing style distinctness. All the models of the collection being referred to graphic art and strict control over proportions, lines and forms, they are actual, comfort, perfectly match each other and adorn wardrobe of a modern woman – intellectual, dynamic, educated.» | Facebook | Instagram


вул. Гопнер, 2
Дніпро, Україна

вул. Воздвиженська, 9-19


Київ, Україна

вул. Грецька 31
Одеса, Україна