Mantis Religiosa

Mantis Religiosa

інтернаціональний дизайнерський дует заснований в україні 2011 року. mantis religiosa походить від латинської назви богомола, що став символом бренду.

International designer duo was founded in Ukraine in 2011. The brand's symbol can be traced in its name: the Latin «mantis religiosa» stands for mantis. The theme of insects can be traced in every detail of design, being reflected in the futuristic cut, avant-garde constructions, and decorative elements. The brand works with exclusively ecologically-friendly materials, avoiding fur and leather.

An integral up-to-date look is formed via combination of elements of costumes from different epochues, whereas the brand's key principle was borrowed from the Japanese culture – 'vabi sabi', or 'perfection of the imperfect'. The designers adore combining the non-combinable, creating ready-to-wear paradoxes: non-traditional materials, which can rather be found on DIY market, are turned by the designers into couture garments.

Mantis Religiosa counts several conceptual collections which are rather finalized latest technological know-how and ideological experiments. The first collection 'Ootheca' (2013) was named after the cocoon from which mantis appears. It was peculiar for the usage of a mixture of futuristic forms of the cut and decorative embroidery. Bead-embroidered mantises and other insects were stylized after the ancient emblems and Gobelin, neoprene was combined with silk and plaiting, the colors of computer prints on clothes were inverted. The second collection 'Intervention' (2014) was the designers' reaction to the military-political situation in Ukraine: vyshyvankas which come apart, transformer parkas in the form of military American planes, and a dress 'Nuclear Explosion'. The brand also has a constantly functioning line - 'Basic Charisma Knitwear' – the brand's ideas are realized in the knitted fabrics of all the kinds. Among those ideas there are unisex, transformations, multi-adaptability. Most part of the line offers double-face clothes, which despite the futuristic and mosaic cut are very ready-to-wear and democratic as for the price.

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