Liya Hmara is one of the most famous fashion show directors in Ukraine. Since 1988, she has staged shows for virtually all Ukrainian designers, many of whom she is still friends with.

Liya always loved threads. She learned to knit and embroider when she was a child, watching her aunt's work. Wool is her favorite material that, according to Liya, has its own life, and only with the desire of the master takes on a new form. To create order out of chaos, with straight lines spectacular patterns - that's the passion of the master.

Having worked for many years side by side with Viktor Anisimov, in 2015, the designer founded her own brand LIYA HMARA.

Quality for the designer is very important. "My clients do not have to think about how to care for knitwear. I found great manufacturers in Italy, Spain, Germany, Turkey, and I choose yarns for my collections so that a sweater or cardigan can be trusted even with a washing machine.”

LIYA HMARA's collections are characterized by multi-layered and unexpected color and texture combinations.

Liya Hmara's new love is cotton and linen.

These materials, pure or in combination with viscose and silk, are surprisingly well suited for hot days.