Laksmi by Maryana Steshenko

Laksmi by Maryana Steshenko

Laksmi by Maryana Steshenko brand was founded in 2010. Since 2014 the brand has been a participant of Ukrainian Fashion Week.

The brand works in two directions: pret-a-porter and customizing, and launches 3 collections a year: fall-winter, spring-summer, resort.

The brand's philosophy: laconic and feminine.

The brand's style peculiarities: geometric cut, architectural silhouette, multifunctional items without exception.

The brand's key items: coats, one-piece suits, robe-dresses.

Carry over: robe, coat, triangle-pockets skirt.

The girl of the brand: a girl with outstanding intellectual beauty, multi-faceted and strong personality, who values equal proportions of comfort and sexuality in her clothes.

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'Gallery 48'
Kiev: st. Antonovich (Gorky) 48

'Style Only'
Kiev: st. Panas Mirny 2/44, of. 25

Dnipropetrovsk: Gopner str. 2

Dnipropetrovsk: ave. Kirova 76

Switzerland, Geneva
Grand-Rue 12