The womenswear demi couture brand KATERINA RUTMAN was created in 2016 by designer Katerina Rutman, who graduated from Istituto Marangoni. The main mission of the brand is to reveal and emphasize the subtlety of each woman. The brand offers not only a product, but also magnificent impressions and feelings of belonging to a refined and aristocratic style. 

In the DNA of the brand is hidden the main thing, aesthetic pleasure from clothes and accessories. These are things created with love, from the best exclusive materials, with a lot of handmade work, not only visually flawless, but also filled with meaning. Each look by KATERINA RUTMAN is a story told through the prism of fashion. 

‘My heroines are united by one thing; they have a dream of becoming royalty. Not necessarily to be born in the royal family to feel yourself a part of the beautiful and aristocratic world’, - says designer Katerina Rutman. On each package or box by KATERINA RUTMAN should be printed ‘Careful and fragile’. It means that things are very beautiful, elegant and valuable.

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