Katerina Kvit


Quality. Wearable. Style. These three words briefly describe the brand.

Katerina Kvit brand appeared in 2010. At first, it took part in Fashion Scout Kiev, then in the main Mercedes-Benz Kiev Fashion Days show program. Today Katerina Kvit is a well-known Ukrainian brand with studio and showroom in the center of Kyiv, a coherent team and a clear positioning on the market. Its heroine is young, but self-sufficient girls who are confident in their choices. Features are femininity, conciseness, simple lines, but complex materials. Katerina offers perfect suits of cut and color balancing skillfully between masculinity and femininity. The designer redefined the elegance of the suit, presenting a double-breasted dress-jacket.

Colors are restrained and natural. Working with artists, the designer often creates author's prints. Katerina often inspires of travel. The historic fashion past and, of course, the Ukrainian culture give Katerina inspiration too.

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