trade mark 'nota bene & karavay' was created in 2003. this project combined great potentialities of 'nota bene' company (a dealer in elite trendy textiles and accessories), original talent of a young, but already well-known designer iryna karavay and a team of first-rate professionals.

Nota Bene & KARAVAY brand was founded in 2003 as a joined project of Nota Bene Company and designer Iryna Karavay.
Iryna graduated from Kyiv National University of Technology and Design, obtaining the profession of an artist-designer and for a short period of time she had been working as a contemporary artist.

The designer creates clothes for open and curious people. Nota Bene & Karavay clothes are distinguished for delicate stylistic solutions and high quality. A special attention is paid to color and details. 'The way something is done is more important than what is really done', explains the designer. Such approach brings its fruit: most of the clients have been staying devoted to Iryna since the start of her career.