Jean Gritsfeldt

Jean Gritsfeldt

Young Avant-garde designer Jean Gritsfeldt (Jean Gritsfeldt brand) likes to shock public with his point of view and his look. That's what the designer says about his brand:

'Perfect man is a man who first of all doesn't make any difference between words and actions, for whom the movement towards perfection is more productive than the benefits from the result itself. As for the clothes, it is so simple for him to look like an ideal man in an official suit. But what if he tries to have ideal look in underground for example, where too tall or too shot men, noisy children women in their voluminous fur-coats shout and make fuss? All this mass disturbs you, pushes, cries, cheats and tears away your hair which gets into their fake 'louis vuitton' and 'givenchy', the movements of which resemble windmills. If under these conditions you manage to stay at least 35% ideal in all the personal parameters this will be a minimal deed, and deeds in their turn make you if not perfect or ideal then true.

Perfect woman is a woman who is tired of tears, who wears 'Tigress' languor' cardigan, whose make-up can be called 'better read my Dovlatov sample', who uses her life on maximum facing it without fear, who becomes tender even without semi-dry Champaign, who never yawns, but always burns.

Often inspiration comes when one is involved into the process, but one can never know when it can really happen: when he will be putting butter on bread to make a sprat sandwich or when he will be kissing the corners of somebody's lips. Last time I felt a stroke of inspiration in Kyiv philharmonics after First Tchaikovsky concert. They say that in the first sounds of the concert he encoded the name of his beloved, which he was forbidden to love. In heart you can have love or genius, because if there is no love and no genius in your heart you attract and multiply a big heap of garbage inside you…' | Facebook | Instagram


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