Serge Smolin is the founder and the leading designer of menswear brand IDoL.

He started his career at the legendary Fashion House Olga&Simonov. There the designer has gained experience of creating both - male and female business suits and evening wear. With this fashion house Serge Smolin traveled all over the world. His collections were demonstrated in Russia, Italy and France. A few years later he began working as a designer of a French brand TM Ette. This helped him to understand the fashion business in the broadest sense of the word. While creating mass market items Serge was discovering the laws of the fashion market and the peculiarities of the production.

In 2007 Serge Smolin founded the brand IDoL.

Today Serge Smolin has gained the reputation of a true master of the male costume. Serge Smolin

'When 20 years ago I started creating costumes on individual order Kiev had no any imagination of such a phenomenon as 'bespoke'. Yet, today this word is synonymous to the status and exclusivity.
My team was the first in this segment, and still keeps the leading positions - perfection, strength and durability of our work speak for themselves.

Our main 'quality certificate' is our devoted clients, their positive reviews and their desire to return to us again and again'. Serge Smolin

Today IDoL. is a European menswear brand.

The brand is represented by two lines:

IDoL.Bespoke is a brand of unique men's costumes designed respecting all the individual anatomical features of the body structure. Each piece demands 80 hours of handmade work.

IDoL. is a brand of menswear ready-to-wear collection.

Despite the rapid expansion of retail sales the key priority of the brand is working with clients - personal contact and individual approach to each client. | Facebook | Instagram