Helena Romanova is a Ukrainian jewellery and accessories designer and the owner of Helena Romanova TM.

Brand Helena Romanova creates a wide range of jewellery and accessories among them are headbands, hair garlands, diadems, crowns, headwraps, combs, hairpins, cuffs, chokers,torcs, necklaces,pendants, brooches, bracelets, rings. Also brand produces belts, clatches and different hats. One of original and popular decisions of the brand is using and producing details of stainless steel.

Helena Romanova jewellery is an exquisite combination of materials ranging from natural stones, wood, leather, feathers, bones to metal, glass, ceramics and fibres. Helena Romanova brand builds around a delicate fusion of designs and materials to create emotions.

Brand's philosophy is to create looks detailed with accessories which help to be memorized and to be the center of attention. The main features of accessories are original designer solutions and high quality.

Helena has a track record of cooperation with the Ukrainian fashion brands TAGO, Cathy Telle, UBERlove. Brand's accessories are created for catwalk shows of designers. Helena Romanova brand is very popular with the Ukrainian celebrities.

Helena Romanova experimentalizes with new materials and their combining, finding a new form, color schemes and creates new unrepeatable images.

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Honchara, 26 street

Kyiv, Ukraine