Many of our customers, fans, and friends probably remember us as DRESSADDICT. We created DRESSADDICT with the goal of bringing stunning and unique clothes to the world. And after six successful years, we feel like we’ve achieved that goal. But we decided we wanted our brand to be about more than just great clothes.

Introducing ORTTU, a brand that is about more than clothes — it’s about you, it’s about a lifestyle. We believe fashion is about more than selecting an outfit, it’s about embodying a sense of freedom, finding balance, and expressing yourself. So, we created this new brand for the dreamers, artists, athletes, entrepreneurs, and creatives who live in the moment and believe in the future.

Our new designs will continue to be crafted with the same high quality materials and will still embody the same distinct aesthetic that you remember from DRESSADDICT. But, we’ll be bringing you new creations that are unmistakably ORTTU.

Living the ORTTU lifestyle, you can easily be comfortable, confident, and classy, no matter where you are or what you’re doing. We invite you to join us on this journey of self discovery and beauty.

DRESSADDICT unveils its menswear collections during Ukrainian Fashion Weeks.

With a greater focus on details than previous collections, DRESSADDICT has adapted Middle Eastern elements for the contemporary lifestyle. Kaftans and long cardigans are featured as part of the runway collections, which use cotton, wool, viscose, and other fabrics, in tones of black, gray and ivory.

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