Art group "NІHTO" was created in 2016 by three authors: Ann Kotz – fashion designer, Umka Estebanovna – illustrator, Svitlana Fedorenko – photographer.

The primary idea of ​​the project was to create a niche magazine "NІKHTO magazine", as the main edition of the cultural slice of the country and of the Ukrainian masters – unknown and popularized by society.

The main focus: more visual –less text.

Later the authors of the project decided to produce not only media format but also more artistic activity: clothing, photography, illustration, poetry, film, music, design, performance, installations, theater, and books publishing and underground parties organizing.

The starting point of the art group development was the presentation of the project "The beginning" on the international multidisciplinary festival GogolFest, there the cell-installation with agitation call to join the activities of the art group "NІKHTO" and video art, created in collaboration with Ksenia Shirokova, director of Kyiv were presented.

Later the art group debuted at the Ukrainian Fashion Week as part of the contest project Epson Digital Fashion, where showed clothes by Ann Kotz and prints by Umka Estebanovna, with musical support by Svitlana Fedorenko & Denys Goltvenko.

Clothes created by designer and artist Ann Kotz, in the framework of the art group "NІKHTO", 95% is recycled. The brand focuses on conscious consumption and use of recycled materials - recycling/upcycling. In promoting eco segment in manufacturing, the designer intends to rethink the usual for Ukrainian market concept of "fashion", focusing on global trends in protection and conservation of natural resources.

As a supporter of Greenpeace, WWF and AVAAZ, artist Ann Kotz poses a major problem: Save the world. Be art – be part.

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