anna bublik

anna bublik

anna bublik was born and grew up in lviv where she graduated from lviv academy of arts. in 2002 anna moves to kyiv and starts an image-studio, which is still successfully operating today.

Anna Bublik was born and brought up in Lviv, where she studied and graduated the department of costume modeling at Lviv Arts Academy.

In 2002 Anna moved to Kyiv and opened her design studio, which has been successfully functioning and developing since then. Today anna bublik brand is more than 10 years old. The number of the brand's devoted clients has been more than 3000 already and it has a tendency to grow all the time. Apart from clothes Anna also develops shoes and accessories.

For the present day Anna Bublik is a personal high quality enterprise, highly technological experimental workshop, long-term contracts with producers of fabrics and finishing. All the items by Anna Bublik are created in natural fabrics, leather and fur.

Anna believes that the greatest stimulus for the development of Ukrainian fashion is the desire of Ukrainian women to look exquisite and unordinary.

Anna Bublik clothes are created for a new generation of urban elite. | Facebook | Instagram


33, Liuteranska Str.,

Kyiv, Ukraine


1214 Churchill Business Tower, Business Bay,

Dubai, UAE