Andre Tan, a successful Ukrainian designer and the inventor of Smart Couture style, is an interesting person not only in the world of fashion, he has also an exciting biography.

Already since his childhood the future couturier understood, that success consists of only 1% of talent and 99% of work. At the age of 11, while his coevals were kicking the ball in the yard, Tan was mastering the ABC of dress-making. Having come to the dress-making courses for the first time, the boy really surprised the teachers: 'Maybe you have come to pick up your mother or sister?' Neither before nor after Tan was such young participant, moreover a boy, seen at the courses. He had a passionate dream, the boy was dreaming of editor in chief career at the fashion magazine 'Isabel' and for couple of years he had drawn all over more than 50 school notebooks, making up sketches for his future edition. Fortunately, Andre hasn't become journalist or fashion-critic, another fate awaited him. He creates clothes, which become the object of admiration and desire of fashionmongers of different age - from first-form girls to their grand grandmothers.

The history of the first collection creation will stay in the memory of Andre Tan for all his life. 'I was penniless, the models I knew agreed to buy cloth for their own money, to walk the runway, and I, in my turn, gave them the best dresses' – recalls the designer. Later Tan won a large amount of awards, the one of them – Grand Prix in the contest '10 х 10' – he got from the hands of Paco Rabanne. Then he got an internship at 'Hugo Boss' and a grant for studying at prestige St. Martins College of Art (London); Tan created a lot of successful collections, received an ocean of rave reviews and unconditionally won over the Ukrainian audience. | Facebook | Instagram


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